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Past & Future PR uses a mix of traditional media relationship building (past), and social media posting, scaleable blogger outreach and advertisement copy (future) to achieve quantifiable results to hit client KPIs.

Below are just a few of their successful campaigns, which have used audience design, content creation, distribution and media outreach to help turbo-charge client brands. More engagement, exposure or conversions? We’ve got it covered.

Tall Penguin Media (Telecoms).

When Tall Penguin Media came to us, their message to the market was unclear. By simplifying the company’s outwards communications to reflect the CEO’s image of competency, humility and personality, we were able to make his company more memorable and attractive to prospecting clients. For example, using visual and written communication we created a webinar advert that stressed the benefit of efficient telecoms in terms of giving you more time to live a free life, without the stress of overly cumbersome communication. We found this to be very receptive among his target market of family-owned businesses and parents who are directors, CEOs or executives.

Whilst working with Tall Penguin Media we needed to complete the following tasks:

The results of this campaign were incredibly clear: more sign-ups to his webinars, which were then used to create new prospects which he could convert in later sales calls or proposals. Before, Tall Penguin Media was relying on word of mouth. After our work with them, they had a powerful sales funnel, made out of omni-channel content, that would create new clients online.

Lucid State (Music).

Lucid State, a two-man band from Oxford, UK, had several weeks of consultation with us. During this time, we were able to craft a story pitch to resonate with their target journalists. We also instigated their relationship with several bloggers and journalists to make their lives easier.

Whilst working with Lucid State we needed to complete the following tasks:

After working with us Lucid State had a firm identity that has attracted a loyal following, which was consolidated by multiple features on their favourite industry blogs, with over 100,000 cumulative views.

The Broke Backpacker (Travel).

The Broke Backpacker is a popular travel blogger, adventure trip advisor and digital nomad enthusiast. By monitoring the activity of target journalists and bloggers, we were able to provide relevant stories that journalists actually want to cover and generate improvements in SEO and traffic.

Whilst working with The Broke Backpacker we needed to complete the following tasks:

We were able to provide The Broke Backpacker with over 8 travel blogs and media contributions on publications like Cheapism, The Telegraph and Luxurious Magazine. The result was greater brand awareness and improvements in organic rankings.