Ashvir Sangha.

The client.

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We were brought on to assist Ash’s campaign early 2020 to lead the development process of creating engaging content that showcased a clear message, purpose & personality. The aim was to reach the masses and have them understand why Ash was taking a stand and leading the way as an independent candidate.

The tasks.

The following requirements needed to be met to provide our client with their desired outcome:


A factual approach was taken during project initiation. We wanted to put the facts in front of the public to give them a secondary chance of reevaluating their previous decisions or simply letting them know that a mayoral election does take place.

Alongside this we were actively developing a series of factual “did you know” videos to support social media optimisation. We were scheduled to work alongside Ash and his team for 3 months up until the election date of May 7th 2020.

The original campaign was cut short due to the COVID19 outbreak. A huge curveball for all industries, businesses & campaigns. We worked closely with Ash to rethink the video strategy during such an uncertain time and demonstrated this in a released 180second montage of how the campaign looked with a heartfelt message to finish. We are looking forward to picking up where we left off and continuing to drive Ash’ campaign through the means of video production.

The outcome.

Below you can find the video we produced for Ashvir Sangha and the Our West Midlands campaign.