Amusement 13.

The client.

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Amusement 13 have been close friends of Scopic’ collaborators for some time. So when approached to create their ‘quarter 1’ promotional video we wanted to deliver something that placed the viewer in their favourite past event whilst creating an environment of imaginability. We worked closely with badapplemedia on the production and delivery of this project.

The tasks.

The following requirements needed to be met to provide our client with their desired outcome:


With past events covering fan favourites Collective BHX showcases to full scale adult playrooms. Amusement 13 have become profound for putting on the most sound driven events within The West Midlands. With a catalogue of huge bookings for Quarter 1 we envisioned something that would make people rewind and watch over and over again. Really creating an exclusive but euphoric experience. COVID19 unfortunately put Q1 on hold.

A day was spent with the A13 team discussing concept, delivery and audience reach. We were happy with the ideation and carried out 3 hours of filming with post production taking 7-days. Overall a really great outcome that paid dividends for the opening months of 2020.

The outcome.

Below you can find the promotional video we produced for Amusement 13.